Who is this man?
Pastor Gert Hoinle He pastors Christliches Glaubenszentrum Church in Bavaria, Germany.

He graduated from bibleschools in Munich, Germany, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1991 he was ordained into the ministry by Pastor Bob Yandian of Grace Fellowship Church in Tulsa.

Since '92 he has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ in many countries on four continents. He has also taken part in the founding of several churches. Thousands of his teaching tapes are in distribution.

His name?

Pastor Garrett Hoinle

Preaching the word in Bjumbura, Burundi. That country lies just to the south of Rwanda in the heart of Africa.

The people were very receptive and God blessed us mightily.

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Preaching in Africa
Altar call in Africa
Calling people to the Lord in Africa.
Miracle in Africa After many words of knowledge and after the prayer of faith over the entire crowd many came forward to testify of their miraculous healings.

This man had a 90° kink in his back and had been in gross pain for years.

Jesus touched him and healed him instantly.

Ministering in Kathmandu, Nepal. Altar call in India
Ministry in Nepal
These people in rural Southern India hear the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.
In the stadium of Ephesus
Preaching in the historical stadium at Ephesus.
Meeting in our church Translating a guest speaker in the church he pastors, the ministry of Garrett Hoinle is that of a pastor and bible teacher with a heart to bring Christ to the world.
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